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Fendalton Residence

Landscapes of Distinction Awards 2012

Winner of Landscaping New Zealand's Water Dynamics Best Special Feature Award at the 2012 Landscapes of Distinction Awards.



The planting brief for this property in Idris Road, Christchurch required the development of a garden with a degree of structure and formality that complimented the architectural style of the residence and the built form of the hard landscaping features.


Along the Idris Road frontage a high degree of street appeal was created in a manner that placed importance on the pedestrian entry and the front door to the house. The plantings from the street were given a 'manicured' appearance to address the scale of the house gable end, facing Idris Road.


The planting on the river side of the property retained a degree of formality, but to a lesser degree than the frontage. All plantings needed to take into account a Resource Consent condition for specified trees to visually screen the property from the neighbouring properties across the river. The riverside plantings were given a higher degree of floral content than the rest of the property.


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Landscaping NZ Awards Judges Citation:

“A stunning example of how strong shapes and restrained colour palette can create a dramatic feature. This narrow front yard has been cleverly designed to blurr the boundary between private and public space and in so doing has created an innovative treatment which welcomes visitors to the house and provides a strong and interesting statement along the street frontage. Outstanding use of green on green and layered topiary against smoky grey walls creating a spectacular point of difference.”

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