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Mount Pleasant, Christchurch

Landscapes of Distinction Awards 2012

Winner of Landscaping New Zealand's Resene Best Residential Project Award and Vector Works Best Landscape Design Large Project Award at the 2012 Landscapes of Distinction Awards.



With a panoramic vista to enjoy, landscaping a property in the hillside coastal suburb of Mount Pleasant, Christchurch aimed to make the most of the stunning view across the Estuary and New Brighton.

The hillside positioning of the section required careful planning to ensure the pool and deck features captured the afternoon sun while creating suitable shelter from the prevailing Easterly wind.

The project was designed to reflect the curved lines of the adjacent building, making good use of the stone from on-site in retaining and surrounding walls.

With continuity in mind, the swimming pool was designed to reflect the lines of the house while positioned at a lower level to hide the pool-fencing requirement. Water was intended to be a key element throughout the design as was native planting.


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Landscaping NZ Awards Judges Citation:

“A beautiful mix of materials, stunning simplicity and a well-considered and consistent design and materiality have created a stunning hillside garden which is reflective of the natural environment and is an outstanding example of integrated landscape and architecture. There is a loose and rugged feel to the planting which contrasts with the dramatic curved forms of the house and garden. The soft colour palette adds a weathered feel to the garden and compliments the rock used throughout the garden. This is a garden which exemplifies the design excellence that results from an interested and passionate client who recognises the importance of the landscape design sitting alongside the architectural design of the house. Both were designed concurrently and informed each other and the result is a harmonious and inspired garden which takes full advantage of all aspects of the site. Re-use of rock from the site throughout, sustainable and locally sourced reclaimed materials add to the integrity of the design. There is a flow of curves around the house and an inspired use of terracing to create water features, pool (which has the same colouring as the Bay it overlooks) vegetable gardens and seating/entertaining areas, all of which flow seamlessly together and create an enticing and comfortable range of spaces.”

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