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Anniversary Seedlings


Cupressus sempervirens ‘Gracilis’ (Pencil cypress)

Narrow upright evergreen conical growing form making this extremely popular for formal gardens.

Responds well even when grown on heavy soils.

Full sun
Hardiness: Hardy
Height x Width: 4 x 0.6m

  pencil cyrpus

Camellia sasanqua ‘Setsugekka’

Size: Height 3m Width 2m
Sunlight: Part shade - Full sun
Temperature: frost hardy
Foliage: Evergreen
Coastal tolerance: Not suitable
Other features: Best variety for hedging and espalier
Garden care: Plant in a free draining hummus rich soil with an acid Ph. Apply a potash rich fertiliser in mid spring and mid summer. Apply a mulch of chopped pine needles if desired to keep the soil acidic. Water regularly during the growing season. If pruning for a hedge do so after flowering
A beautiful Camellia producing pure white, semi-double flowers that are a startling contrast against the deep, dark green foliage. Ideal for espaliering, topiary, hedging or a specimen on it's own. Sun to part-shade. Moist soil with good drainage. Evergreen.


Lophomyrtus ‘Red Dragon’

Size: Height 120cm Width 50cm
Sunlight: Part shade - full sun
Temperature: frost hardy
Foliage: Evergreen
Coastal tolerance: Not suitable
Other features: Great for small hedges or as a contrast plant in the garden
Garden care: Plant in any well drained soil. Plant in full sun to keep the best colour. Little pruning is required unless using as a hedge, If hedging prune in spring and mid summer, tolerant of severe pruning. Feed once a year with Texture Plants 12 month planting food.
An outstanding NZ native, with small, red, pointed, textured leaves. The new growth is a brilliant red turning darker with age and colder temperatures. A great contrast colour. Protect young plants from heavy frost. Requires sun or partial shade.

 red dragon

Nothofagus solandri ‘Cliffortioides’ (Mountain Beech)

Nothofagus solandri var cliffortioides (syn Nothofagus cliffortioides) is an evergreen tree that reaches 30–40 ft (9–12 m) or more.

The leathery, green, spear-shaped leaves are 0.4–0.6 in (1–1.5 cm) long.

The male flowers consist of red stamens, making the tree appear red when in flower.
Nothofagus solandri var cliffortioides grows in mountain to sub-alpine forests, from the Volcanic Plateau of North Island, to the south of South Island.

It is also called mountain beech, and regarded by botanists as a smaller form of Nothofagus solandri.
Makes a good garden specimen in free draining soil.

 mountain beech

Griselinia ‘Broadway Mint’

Griselinia littoralis 'Broadway Mint'
Broadleaf, Kapuka
Griselinia littoralis 'Broadway Mint' is a very popular cultivar (cultivated species) of Griselina littoralis with a good upright form.
The leaves are glossy green with a slightly wavy edge.
This shrub can be used clipped as a formal hedge to .5m - 2m.
Kapuka can tolerate a wide range of conditions.
May be susceptible to phytophthora (root rot) over the Summer with the wet humid conditions if over watered when first planted.
Height 4 m x Width 2m.
Full sun, wind tolerant, very hardy.

  broadway mint

Corokia ‘Bronze King’

Size: Height 2m Width 1m
Sunlight: Full sun-part sun
Temperature: frost hardy
Foliage: Evergreen
Coastal tolerance: Suitable
Garden care: Plant in any well drained soil. Water regularly during summer. Fertilise with Texture Plants 12 month planting food in spring. Pruning should not be required unless training into a hedge. Hedge trimming should be done in spring and late summer.
Bronze coloured foliaged NZ native. Bears yellow star-like flowers late summer followed by red berries. Prune as required. Good for coastal situations. Excellent hedging plant. Hardy evergreen.

 bronze king

Pseudopanax lessonii ‘Purpureus’

Evergreen wind hardy rounded shrub with five fingered dark green purple leaves.

Full sun.

2.5m x 2.5m


Pittosporum ‘Stephens Island’

Size: Height 3 m Width 2 m
Sunlight: Full sun - part shade
Temperature: frost hardy
Foliage: Evergreen
Coastal tolerance: Suitable
Other features: Fast hedging and screening plant
Garden care: Tolerant of most soils provided they are well drained. Water regularly during hot summer months. Feed once a year with Texture Plants 12 month planting food. Little pruning is required other than form pruning. If using for hedging prune in spring and late summer. Watch for Pisillid insect, if present they can be controlled with insecticide.
A fantastic Pittosporum species found on Stephens Island. Bears deep green foliage with fine silver hairs on the leaf margins. An ideal hedging or topiary plant. Keep moist during summer to maintain good growth. Full sun to semi shade, well drained situation.

  stephens island

Pittosporum ‘Gold Star’

Smaller growing pittosporum with interesting yellow leaf tips that become variegated as they mature. Produces small flowers when mature, and gives off beautiful scent that all Pittosporums are famous for. Naturally very bushy and tidy form.

Cold hardy and happy in most situations.

Very suitable for long lasting low maintenance hedging or informal shrubbery/shelter.

Mature Height 1.5m (but clip at any height for hedge)

 gold star

Sophora microphylla (Kowhai)

A beautiful tree that has a divaricating juvenile form. The juvenile form can last for up to 10 years and it doesn't flower during this time. The adult form has an upright and open habit. It grows naturally in open forests, forest margins and riverbanks.
It is the most widespread of the kowhais, found throughout New Zealand.
The kowhai is deciduous in winter and is moderately fast growing.
In spring the tree is covered in striking bright yellow flowers.
It is the national flower of New Zealand.
The kowhai moth caterpillar can defoliate the plant. Use an insecticide for control. The kowhai is also susceptible to borer.
Height 8m x Width 5m
Full sun and semi-shade
Provides food for native birds


Sarcococca ruscifolia (Christmas Box)

Size: Height 50cm Width 50cm
Sunlight: part shade - full shade
Temperature: frost hardy
Foliage: Evergreen
Coastal tolerance: Not suitable
Other features: Fantastic hedge for shady gardens, trims very easily
Garden care: Tolerant of both acid and alkaline soil, best planted in a fertile soil. Feed once a year with Texture Plants 12 month planting food.
This neat, compact shrub has fragrant white flowers during winter followed by crimson-red berries. Looks great as a hedge. Will grow in sun or shade in well drained, not too dry soil.

Hardy and evergreen.

  xmas box


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