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Tracey Lucas

General Manager

Transitioning from a 12-year tenure with our national airline carrier, Tracey brings a wealth of experience in customer service and operational excellence to her role as General Manager at Goom Landscapes. While adjusting to the landscaping industry’s terminology (Espalier! Mitre joins! French drain!), Tracey focuses on the universal principles of business that underpin success in any field.

Tracey’s primary focus is on enhancing the end-to-end customer experience by championing a customer-centric approach and empowering the team to consistently deliver their best for our clients. Tracey believes that exceeding customer expectations is not just a goal but a commitment that drives every aspect of Goom Landscapes.

Working closely with Tim, Tracey has gained invaluable insight into Goom Landscapes’ unique qualities and the principles of exceeding expectations. Through strong collaboration across our Design and Construction Teams, Tracey ensures that every project is executed seamlessly, providing our clients with a stress-free experience from conception to completion.

Tracey’s vision for Goom Landscapes is to continue building upon our reputation for excellence by prioritising customer satisfaction, fostering innovation, and maintaining a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. Tracey is dedicated to upholding the company’s commitment to delivering beyond expectations and creating outdoor spaces that inspire and delight our clients.

To balance life, Tracey spends time in the hills either on foot or on her bike. Accepting any challenge has resulted in competing in the upcoming Coast to Coast in a tandem team with her hubby.