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Where it all began.

We are proud of our humble beginnings and what we have learnt as we’ve grown along the way. From old clients that have been there with us from the beginning, to new clients who are joining us now – thank you for teaming up with us.

Like our landscapes and gardens, we look forward to growing alongside you.



Chris Goom starts Canterbury Landscapes when Tim is 1 year old.

He establishes himself as an expert in his field, with innovative designs and quality construction.

You couldn’t miss his vibrant orange business ute driving around Christchurch!


Mid 1980’s

Canterbury Landscapes becomes ‘Chris Goom Landscape Design & Construction’ to meet the demand for construction jobs. He grows to around 30 people. Tim helps out with construction during the school holidays.

Can you spot young Tim behind his Dad?

Mid 1990’s

Chris Goom Landscape Design & Construction becomes ‘Chris Goom Landscape Architects & Designers’. They zip around town and to jobs in their neat little design car (pictured left).


After spending time as a fishing guide in the Australian Northern territory, and as a landscaper in Denver & London, Tim returns from his OE with plenty more experience under his belt.

He convinces Chris to start the construction division again, so that he can get a job.

In the picture to the right he is seen working on the tools at one of our longest standing clients, the Archers. Skip forward 14 years – we recently completed our 6th major landscape project for them!


Chris hands over the reigns to Tim when he purchases the business from him in 2007.

He renames the business Goom Landscapes in 2008 to take it in a new direction.

2014  The new Design, Manage, Construct (DMC) process is born when Tim’s sister Sarah and Brother-in-law Ant bought into the business and we begin creating stunning lifespaces for our clients.


In 2023 Sarah and Ants son, Caleb,  became Ops Manager so we are now officially a third generation Family business.

Ant moved on to pursue other business ventures and Sarah & Rachel became Directors alongside Tim. They all enjoy working together and look forward to training up the next generation of Goom Landscapers.


Caleb thrilled with his 2023 win for Young Landscaper of the Year at the awards ceremony in Dunedin.

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