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Tim & Anthony – brother in-laws, and brothers in business.  They joined forces in 2014 to run the company together, and take it in a new direction – with Tim running the sales & design side of things, and Anthony running the management & operations.

They both take great pride in being involved from the get-go and watching each project blossom into a stunning landscape. You might see them popping into site every now and again to check on progress and ensure that you are receiving the highest standard of service.

Outside of Goom’s they enjoy fishing, hunting and out-competing each other.

After travelling the country to see the best rock acts together, they are sometimes known as ‘Bogans on Tour’.


With great design, comes great responsibility. That’s where our landscape architects excel – not only do they create stunning landscapes & outdoor living spaces, but they work alongside our construction team to make sure that their design can be built, and that it is also achievable for our client by fitting within their budget.

Jess & Emma are our senior Landscape Architects, with nearly 50 years high level experience combined. They have cut their teeth overseas on projects in the Cayman Islands, UK, Hong Kong, South East Asia, & the Middle East to name a few. While, our other design team member, Val, uses her IT powers to create plans, design details, and 3D imaging, so you can picture what the design vision for your property will look like.

They like a challenge – so bring your wildest landscape dreams!


The All Blacks spend a lot of time planning strategy, they don’t just go out there on game day and expect good results. Much like our project managers – having a good game plan in place makes scoring easy. Our project managers guide our construction teams to make sure that we keep the goal line in sight, and that no one drops the ball on your project.

Our Operations Manager will work alongside your Project Manager from the concept design presentation stage. Being involved from the earliest stages ensures he is familiar with your project and what is needed from start to finish

Our excellence comes from experience. You can trust us to get the job done right.


It is important to us that your landscape grows into its full potential. As gardens are never static, and are always continually evolving it can be hard to find the time to properly care for them and keep on top of the many seasonal jobs required.

Our maintenance team are all trained in horticulture, and have the know-how and tools of the trade to help you keep your garden under control, and looking vibrant year round.

They are led by an impressive work ethic, an eye for detail, and a love of plants.

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